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Our bags are made of %100 recycled and ecofriendly Nonwoven PP, Woven PP and Cotton fabrics. We make these bags as bespoke and they can be printed with any design and manufactured to virtually any size or shape.


We all know that plastic bags and plastic packagings tend to distrupt the environment in a serious way. Disposable plastic bags are a serious problem for the future of humanbeing because of the toxic chemicals released into the air during their productionand after they get into the soil as well as the disintegration in natures takes hundreds years. They eventually break down into the soil, with the unfortunate result being that many animals and living organisms die. Considering that milions of tree have been cut to produce paper bags, we can say that they are far from the ecofriendly approach. At this point we recommend to use %100 recycled and durable bags. Ecofriendly Nonwoven Pp, Woven Pp and Cotton bags are suitable for being used over and over, so reusable bags can be used as a great long-lasting and eco-friendly outdoor advertisement.